This morning, I woke up hungover.

After four months of sobriety starting in October, I relapsed.

When I relapse, I relapse for no good reason. No one died, I didn’t get any bad news, I didn’t have a bad day. I was driving home from work in my car, listening…

Or, Why I Like to Keep a Thermos Full of Coffee in my Backseat

May, 2012Arches National Park, UT

It was a bright, clear day, and my friend Bryant and I were hiking the three mile out-and-back trail to Delicate Arch. Depicted on license plates and postage stamps…

Day 2/365: Sometimes the Easiest Hikes are the Most Rewarding

Image by Author

Today I hiked less than three miles and according to my AllTrails App, my elevation gain was a paltry 10 feet.

But not every hike needs grand sweeping views, high elevation gain, or an enviable location to be transcendent.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Today, I woke up hungover.

I started the day as I always do. First, I checked my phone to see if I’d sent any embarrassing texts or (worse) posted anything to social media. Once I determined I was clear on both fronts, I made my way downstairs and out the…


Alcoholic. Chronic relapser. Still hopeful.

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